Tuesday, June 29, 2010


i so enjoyed the recent ny times article about sandra and todd foster's property, dwellings and living arrangements. i thought their bucolic together-apartness would suit my husband and i so it got me thinking about my dream home. i realized that what i would love is many small buildings, each with unique purposes, so as the land is really the home with the structures functioning as as rooms encouraging more outdoor living. a small village, i guess. the property would be wooded with at least one stream, a fire pit, hopefully an existing cabin to have a place to start with (preferably winterized) and at least one clearing with a view. here are the building/rooms:

cabin - the afore mentioned, to serve as our communal living space with room for guests, traditional with a porch and a fireplace.

an airstream trailer - to serve as an office plus we've always wanted one, great for road trips

a teepee - they're beautiful and fit into the landscape naturally, i love the ones at colorado yurts

tavern - because you need a place to kick back with friends, we would model this on darby's tavern at the berryhill plantation

my house - i like the idea of a tiny victorian cottage

matt's house - i know he wants it to have a lookout tower

cookhouse - obvious purpose, this will be near the teepee and firepit, outdoor entertaining

work shop - to work on various projects, matt might take up furniture making and i've been wanting to make some moccasins

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