Monday, July 20, 2009

Juice Beauty

I was so pleased to find the Green Apple Moisturizer with spf 15 from Juice Beauty. Juice makes juice-based organic skincare products and I love to have a day moisturizer that has spf in it. Their products are full of anti-oxidants and are like a healthy meal for your skin. It just makes sense that organic fruits would be great for your skin. The products smell delicious and they've been working great for me. It's also a brand that I think men would use since it's not overly feminine.

The Path

I'm really not a gamer but there is definitely a little of a sci-fi/fantasy geek inside me. OK, a big one. I recently bought The Game by Tale of Tales and I'm really getting into it. It's based on the themes of Little Red Riding hood and being vulnerable and lost in the woods. It actually makes me feel vulnerable and safe at the same time because the woods are so beautiful but it always feels as though there is a wolf prowling around. It has a beautiful melancholy feeling about it and the settings are serene, spooky and a little surreal at times. It's perfect if you're stuck at home but you want to have a thought-provoking adventure in the forest. 

Telling Tales

The Victoria and Albert Museum currently has exhibition called Telling Tales featuring furniture, lighting and ceramics that push the boundary between art and design like "Table #1 (pictured above) by Swedish-born artist, Patrik Fredrikson. I don't think I'll be in London any time soon but the interactive exhibit on their website gives you a glimpse at the pieces. Naturally, I like The Forest Glade section which is "inspired by fantasy and nature evoking the spirit of fairytales." I wish I could actually stumble upon these creative objects in a forest. Now that would make a great hike. I would probably never leave. 

I love the inspired "Princess Chair" by Tord Boontje.

The "Linen-Cupboard-House" by Juurgen Bey is straight out of a fairy tale. 

It would be great to take a bath in the woods in Wieki Somers' "Bathboat."

Rock Creek Park

It was such a beautiful weekend in Washington, DC. My husband, dog and I took advantage of it by going to Rock Creek Park for a hike. The temperature was perfect walking under the canopy of trees covering the trail that followed the edge of the creek. There were tons of beautiful moss covered rocks and trees. I find the sights, smalls and sounds of nature there so inspiring. I like to imagine Teddy Roosevelt riding his horse through the park and thinking of his conservation plans. Check out some of my pics from the hike.