Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Be Kind

I spent two years as a vegan in college. I actually didn't find it all that challenging. I had a decent cookbook and I stuck to the basics. Of course, being a student I wasn't able to buy lots of fresh fruits and vegetables needed for a really healthy diet. And health was my reason for going vegan in the first place. Over time I changed along with my views and I succumbed to the temptations of meat and cheese. 

While I always look for new ways that diet can improve my health I haven't ventured back into veganville in years. Also, I married a good Southern boy who was raised on beef (to his credit he is very open-minded). I was excited to learn that Alicia Silverstone has new vegan cookbook called The Kind Diet that just came out. She's been vegan for 11 years and looks like the epitome of health. Her recipes sound delicious so there's no denying yourself. In the book she shares the knowledge she's gained from her plant-based diet that can immensely improve your health while sustaining the planet. I always love a win-win. You can never argue with that. I'll be happy to try a new way of eating that might make me look as cute as her.

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