Tuesday, October 6, 2009

DIY Braid Necklace

I was inspired by this awesome braid necklace on Anthropologie to do a little braidin' myself.

Here is what you need:
:: scisssors
:: tape
:: tape measure
:: necklace clasp
:: 3 2 ft. strands of gold string
:: 3 2 ft. strands of round white satin string

1. Tie the stands together on one end of the clasp. Tape down so you can braid it.

2. Pair each white piece of string with a gold piece. Braid the pairs of string. Tie off, attaching the other part of the clasp. Trim the ends.

4. And now you have a awesome braid necklace. Pair with a giant gold watch and even more necklaces.

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