Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Gypset

Isn't it everyone's fantasy to a bohemian world traveller living an unconventional life by your own rules? Roaming the globe with no particular destination in amazing clothes picked up at exotic locations? Sleeping in yurts or houseboats under a sea of stars with perpetually perfect beach hair? It is mine. I even named my cute little dog Gypsy. 

Julia Chaplin is a freelance journalist based out of New York who coined the term Gypset (gypsy + jet-set) to define a new type a travel and the people who are lucky enough to have that lifestyle. Her new coffee table book, Gypset style published by Assouline, features beautiful photographs and profiles of the gypsetters and touches on the progression of the movement. Some of those featured in the book include the Mignot sisters (I'll write more on them later), Jade Jagger, Devendra Banhart and Alice Temperley.

(A treehouse in Kenya.)

(A VW bus.)

(A model in gypsy-inspired dress from French Vogue.)

(The Mignot sisters rooftop.)

(The Mignot sisters.)

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