Monday, August 10, 2009

Cool spaces in my neighborhood

I've had my eye for the perfect location for my fantasy shop for a while. The 14th Street corridor between U and P streets is so cool. I would love something like what the wonderful Home Rule has.

DC is is known for it's astronomical real estate prices which are daunting to potential small businesses. Ideally, the space would be no more than 1,000 square feet keeping the rent within budget. I have spotted a few spaces that would be perfect though they are too big or to pricey. I wish some of these DC landlords would get a clue and subdivide some of these huge places so small businesses can actually afford them. They definitely would not sit empty for as long as they do. Here are a couple.

I am crazy in love with this spot at 14th and T. I the history that comes with it. I would do little to change the facade other than hang a vintage-style wooden sign and add some flower pots or topiaries. I think I read that the owner was willing to subdivide which would be awesome.

I also think this spot has some potential. The location is great since it's sits right beside the Black Cat. It used to be an antique and restoration business. The facade needs some work but I think the bones are good. I spoke to the owner and of course it was way more space than I need and price was pricey.

Another spot which I've read about but haven't checked out yet is at 1412 14th Street in what used to be Irvine Gallery. It's a little further south than I originally wanted to go but it could work. The price is seems reasonable for it's 2,000 square feet.

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