Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The restaurant Cedar

Matt and I saw the hilarious and imaginative Paper Hearts tonight at E Street theater. We are always a little bit at a loss for places to grab a bite to eat in this area. However, we have managed to scope out a few places between ESPN Zone and Hard Rock Cafe. We love Bistro D'oc and Poste but tonight we decided to try something new. I have walked by Cedar and glimpsed inside a few times but never have I gone in until tonight. we had already had sushi so we just went for drinks. A gentleman who was walking in the door as we perused the menu said he loves the place and goes there all the time. With that recommendation we headed inside and bellied up to the bar. I am happy to report that the bartender was courteous and well-prepared for the job. My Gold Rush (Maker's Mark, lemon Juice and local honey) was top notch and Matt liked his Gin Cooler (Henricks's, lime and mint). The menu looked delicious though we didn't try anything. I'm guessing that by the attention paid to quality at the bar is also paid to the food.

I  loved that the restaurant wasn't too huge (I'm guessing about 1,000' max) and the walled were decorated with cedar forest murals (love it). The bar was sturdy and spacious with a huge mirror that reflected on the dining room. The atmosphere was sophisticated and cosy. In a non-murdery way it reminded me of the bar from The Shining. I mean that the music was cool and classic, the bartender was what you want in a bartender and it felt like another time when all of that is the standard. 

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